Traditional works refer to music which was probably collectively composed by a group of people, normally without formal music training, and passed on orally from one generation to the next. The exact origin of works regarded as ‘traditional’ is often unknown and is usually undocumented/unpublished in manuscripts/sheet music dating from the time of composition, which in turn is often not precisely known. This particularly refers to folk, ethnic, indigenous or native music, such as folk-songs and folk-dances, which are sometimes referred to as ‘world music’.

Box Set Release Catalogue Number
Adagio Boxed Set Naxos
Artist Profile Series - Jeremy Summerly Naxos
Celebration of Christmas Naxos
Christmas Boxed Set Naxos
CHRISTMAS Danske Julesalmer og Sange (Danish Christmas Hymns) Naxos
Complete National Anthems of the World Marco Polo
Faszination Alte Music Naxos
LUTOSŁAWSKI Symphonies, Concertos, Choral and Vocal Works Naxos
MAHLER Complete Symphonies Naxos
Meditation Naxos
Romantic Piano Favourites Vol 1 Naxos
Svenska Sommarfavoriter (Swedish Summer Favourites) Naxos
The Works of Arnold Schoenberg Vol 2 Naxos