MEYERBEER, G.: Africaine (L') (San Francisco Opera, 1988)



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- (Disc 1)
Libretto/Text Author: Scribe, Eugene

The Grand Inquisitor: Rouleau, Joseph
The High Priest of Brahma: Delavan, Mark
Vasco de Gama: Domingo, Placido

Set/Stage Designer: Skalicki, Wolfram
Costume Designer: Skalicki, Amrei
Lighting Designer: Munn, Thomas J.
Choreographer: Ray, Robert
Stage Director: Mansouri, Lotfi
Television Director: Large, Brian

Date of Production: 09-1988
Venue: War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
Playing Time: 03:14:00
Catalogue Number: 100216
UPC: 4006680102160


Eugene Scribe had presented the composer with the drama L'Africaine together with a libretto for Le Prophete as early as 1838. The world premier on 28 April 1865 was one of the outstanding social events of the Second Empire. L'Africaine was first performed at San Francisco Opera on 3 November 1972. The current performance, in the original French version, is a revival of the new production of the grande opera created by the opera house for its programme in September 1988.

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