JANACEK, L.: Cunning Little Vixen (The) (Chatelet, 1995)



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The Cunning Little Vixen, JW I/9
Composer: Janacek, Leos
Libretto/Text Author: Janacek, Leos
Libretto Source: Tesnohlidek, Rudolf

The Badger: Novak, Richard
The Forester: Allen, Thomas
The Forester's Wife: Marova, Libuse
The Innkeeper's Wife: Connolly, Sarah
The Mosquito: Hajna, Josef
The Parson: Novak, Richard
The Schoolmaster: Hajna, Josef
The Vixen: Jenis, Eva
The Woodpecker: Martinaud, Francoise

Set/Stage Designer: Crowley, Bob
Costume Designer: Crowley, Bob
Lighting Designer: Kalman, Jean
Stage Director: Hytner, Nicholas
Television Producer: Wilson, Colin
Television Director: Large, Brian

Date of Production: 06-1995
Venue: Theatre du Chatelet, Paris
Playing Time: 01:38:00
Catalogue Number: 100240
UPC: 4006680102405


Besides being one of the most important Czech composers, Leoš Janácek is also among the most individual opera composers of the twentieth century, without whom one could hardly imagine the development of contemporary music. His nine stage works in particular have carried his homeland's life and customs, and also folk melodies and musical language, out into the world.

Leoš Janácek wrote the libretto for the Cunning Little Vixen himself, based on Rudolf Tešnohlidek's story of the same name, Príhody lišky Bystroušky (literally: 'The adventures of the vixen Bystrushka'). The first performance on 6 November 1924 at the Brno National Theatre was a great artistic success, and international acclaim followed with its legendary staging in 1956, at the Comic Opera in Berlin.

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