LEHAR, F.: Lustige Witwe (Die) (Zurich Opera House, 2004)



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- (Disc 1)
Die lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow)
Composer: Lehar, Franz
Libretto/Text Author: Leon, Victor
Libretto/Text Author: Stein, Leo

Baron Mirko Zeta: Hartmann, Rudolf A.
Camille de Rosillon: Beczala, Piotr
Graf Danilo Danilowitsch: Gilfry, Rodney
Valencienne: Gfrerer, Ute

Set/Stage Designer: Langenfass, Rolf
Costume Designer: Langenfass, Rolf
Lighting Designer: Cremer, Robertus
Choreographer: Madia, Giorgio
Stage Director: Lohner, Helmut
Television Director: Reitzenstein, Anton

Date of Production: 2004
Venue: Opernhaus Zurich
Playing Time: 02:05:24
Catalogue Number: 100451
UPC: 0807280045192


To save the billions belonging to the young and attractive widow Hanna Glawari for his country Pontevedro, Baron Zeta commands the charming womanizer Count Danilo Danilowitsch to carry out his patriotic duty in marrying the widow. What the baron cannot have known is that Danilo and Hanna already had a relationship in the past.

This captivating production glides along with a twinkle in its eye, brought to life by director Helmut Lohner. The opulent set (mainly designed in red and gold) provides the setting for elegant costumes, mixing traditional costumes and Parisian evening attire, while the handsome pairing of Dagmar Schellenberger and Rodney Gilfry provides a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the widow and her suitor. Franz Welser-Most is at the helm, guiding us through Lehar's music.

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