HISTORY OF THE ORGAN - Vol. 4. The Modern Age



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History of the Organ - Vol. 4. The Modern Age
Lilenstein, Nat - Television Director

Catalogue Number: 102153
UPC: 807280215397

The organ is one of the oldest, most complex and most glorious musical instruments known to men. This four-part series outlines the history of this magnificent instrument, ranging from the beauty of the sound to the wealth of music written for it, and encompassing not only the craftsmanship involved in building such a complicated (and often ornate) structure, but also the wonderful settings in which these instruments now reside.

Tracing the organ's development, from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day, this episode visits France and Switzerland. The impact of changes in society, tastes and musical styles, as well as technological advances, are examined and illustrated with music by Reger, Franck, Alain and Messiaen.

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