1,000 MASTERWORKS: National Gallery in Berlin



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1,000 Masterworks - National Gallery in Berlin
Moritz, Reiner - Television Director

Catalogue Number: 105007E

1,000 Masterpieces from the Great Museums of the World is one of the most successful TV series about art. The original, with improved image quality, takes us on a fascinating journey through the history of art. Comprehensively illustrated and compellingly presented – the well-known authors of five short art surveys provide a deeper insight into the masterpieces of painting.

Berlin's National Gallery was founded in 1861 with art bequeathed by the Swedish consul and banker Joachim H. W. Wagener. Now spread over various locations, it is considered one of the most prestigious and diverse collections of 19th, 20th, and 21st century art anywhere in the world. With masterpieces by Höch, Dix, Spitzweg, von Menzel and Schinkel, this video presents five of Berlin's most popular artistic treasures.

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