LEGENDARY PERFORMANCES - PROKOFIEV, S.: War and Peace (Kirov Opera, 1991)



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- (Disc 1)
Voyna i mir (War and Peace), Op. 91
Libretto/Text Author: Prokofiev, Sergey

Count Pierre Bezukhov: Gregorian, Gegam
Count Rostov: Alexashkin, Sergei
Countess Helene Bezukhova: Borodina, Olga
Countess Natasha Rostova: Prochina, Yelena
Field Marshal Kutuzov: Okhotnikov, Nikolai
Maria Akhrossimova: Bogacheva, Irina Petrovna
Old Prince Bolkonsky: Ognovenko, Vladimir
Prince Anatol Kuragin: Marusin, Yuri
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: Gergalov, Alexander

Set/Stage Designer: O'Brien, Timothy
Costume Designer: Komolova, Valentina
Costume Designer: Wilmington, Sue
Lighting Designer: Webster, Thomas
Stage Director: Vick, Graham
Television Director: Burton, Humphrey

Venue: Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
Playing Time: 04:08:11
Catalogue Number: 109092
UPC: 807280909296


Sergei Prokofiev devoted the last twelve years of his live to War and Peace. He completed the orchestration by April 1942 and the entire score was ready in March 1943. Having completed the first version (containing 11 scenes) unusually quickly, the composer continued working on the opera over the next ten years. The greatest landmark in the stage history of the opera came with the 1991 production at the Mariinsky Theatre, when Prokofiev's complete score was performed for the first time with no cuts. This production presents a new and exciting reading of Prokofiev's masterpiece.

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