BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphony No. 3, "Eroica" (Orchestra of the 18th Century, Bruggen)



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Conductor: Bruggen, Frans

Symphony No. 3 in E flat major, Op. 55, "Eroica"

Venue: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Playing Time: 00:50:31
Television Director: Dekker, Jellie
Catalogue Number: 109117
UPC: 807280911794

Founded in 1981, the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century consists of approximately fifty-five musicians from all over the world. The Dutch conductor and recorder player Frans Bruggen, who died in 2014, had based the structure of his orchestra upon the famous 'luxury' orchestras that flourished in Mannheim, Paris and Vienna in the eighteenth century. The orchestra is specialized in the music of that era and the musicians play on period instruments or copies of them.

This spectacular rendition of Beethoven's Symphony No. 3, live recorded at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, has won them international acclaim. Beethoven originally dedicated the Eroica (1804) to Napoleon, who at the time was re-drawing the map of Europe as comprehensively as this epic symphony was to re-define the architecture of music. It was only belatedly that the composer realized that 'heroes' with absolute political power easily turn into tyrants and tore up the dedication.

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