ROSSINI, G.: Cambiale di matrimonio (La) (Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro, 2006)


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- (Disc 1)
La Cambiale di Matrimonio

Date of Production: 08-2006
Festival: Rossini Opera Festival
Venue: Teatro Rossini, Pesaro
Playing Time: 01:23:00
Catalogue Number: 2.110228
UPC: 0747313522859


The plot of La cambiale di matrimonio, which Rossini composed when he was just eighteen years old, revolves around the farcical attempts of Tobia Mill, a rich English merchant, to combine business with pleasure by forcing his daughter, the lovely Fanny ("the merchandise") to marry Slook, his rich colonial correspondent from America, by means of a bill of exchange. Eventually it is the gallant Slook himself who persuades Mill to allow Fanny to marry her true love, Edoardo Milfort. This Rossini Opera Festival – Pesaro production features two well-established singers, Desiree Rancatore and Saimir Pirgu, who are joined by three promising young singers: Fabio Maria Capitanucci, Enrico Maria Marabelli and Maria Gortsevskaya.

Part 1

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