ROSSI, L.: Cleopatra (Sferisterio Opera Festival, 2008)

ROSSI, L.: Cleopatra (Sferisterio Opera Festival, 2008)


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Date of Production: 2008
Festival: Sferisterio Opera Festival
Playing Time: 01:55:04
Catalogue Number: 2.110279
UPC: 747313527953

First performed at the Teatro Regio, Turin, on 5 March 1876, Lauro Rossi's penultimate opera Cleopatra caught the public's attention in the wake of Verdi's Aida (1871). Like that better-known work, it contains some wonderful arias and set pieces, including a marvelous Act I banquet scene, Cleopatra's Act II aria, the thrilling ensemble that closes Act III, and the confrontation between Cleopatra and Octavian in Act IV, all making for compelling viewing and listening. From the brooding opening scene in which Diomedes foretells the fall of Egypt to Cleopatra's death scene, this gripping grand opera by one of Italy's forgotten masters springs vividly to life in this revival filmed at the 2008 Macerata Sferisterio Festival

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