TAYLOR, Hudson: Pionier im verbotenen Land


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- (Disc 1)
Producer: Anderson, Ken

Hudson Taylor: Pionier im verbotenen Land
Anderson, Ken - Producer
Anderson, Ken - Television Director

Hudson Taylor: Hickman, Michael
Maria Taylor: Baker, Rebecca

Year of Production: 2006
Playing Time: 01:25:00
Catalogue Number: 210.013
UPC: 4010276400134

Shanghai, China in 1854 was a powder keg, yet in the midst of the chaos one of the greatest missions in history began. Hudson Taylor was one of the first Christian missionaries to China, and he created the China Inland Mission, which continues to this day under the name Overseas Mission Community.

This film shows the crucial years of Hudson Taylor in China. His experiences and suffering led him to his undying faith in God and a reputation as a man of prayer with an incomparable life story. As he once said, "We do not need a great amount of faith, but faith in a great God."

Part 1

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