GRAF VON ZINZENDORF, Nikolaus Ludwig - Der Graf ohne Grenzen


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- (Disc 1)
Producer: Jackman, John

Graf von Zinzendorf, Nikolaus Ludwig - Der Graf ohne Grenzen
Jackman, John - Producer
Jackman, John - Television Director

Year of Production: 2000
Playing Time: 01:35:56
Catalogue Number: 210.098
UPC: 4010276400981

His vision was to bring Christians from various denominations to a peaceful coexistence. Nicolaus Ludwig Graf von Zinzendorf was a member of one of the oldest noble families of Europe. His life and works and their significance to Protestantism are documented in this film, which features historians, pictures, engravings, and documents from the 18th century alongside current shots of the locations discussed.

Part 1

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