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- (Disc 1)
Producer: Cooke, Nigel

Annette: Born, Carey
Grandma Burnier: White, Bay
Hotel Porter: Bateson, Timothy
Lucien: Dean, Paul
Madame Morell: Fusek, Vera
Monsieur Burnier: Boyde, William
Woodcarver: Brown, Ted

Year of Production: 1980
Playing Time: 01:50:00
Catalogue Number: 210.108
UPC: 4010276401087

Based on a novel by Patricia M. St. John, this film is a story of friendship and forgiveness set in the beautiful Swiss Alps.

High in the Swiss Alps a little boy, Dani, disappears. Lucien, a lonely and frightened boy of 13, is overtaken by this catastrophic event, and he finds himself an outcast with his family, school friends, and especially the very hostile Annette from the neighboring farm. Impelled to escape, the fugitive boy finds peace high up in the forest, where he meets an old woodcarver who encourages him so that he begins to have hope. But when rejection comes again, he discovers the hard way that a price has to be paid for forgiveness before there can be any reconciliation.

Spuren im Schnee (Treasures of the Snow) was filmed in the breathtaking Swiss Alps and captures the changing mood of the mountains deep in the snow of winter and the delicate colors of the spring flowers in the open valleys full of bell-jingling cattle. The charm of genuine antique Swiss chalets with their quaint interiors will delight you. You will experience real life drama, the tensions of ordinary people under pressure and the satisfaction of righteousness rewarded.

Part 1

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