BELLINI, V.: Norma (Teatro Massimo Bellini, 2007)

BELLINI, V.: Norma (Teatro Massimo Bellini, 2007)


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Date of Production: 03-2007
Venue: Teatro Massimo Bellini, Catania
Playing Time: 02:44:00
Catalogue Number: 33493



Bellini, unlike many of his colleagues - among them Donizetti - did not have to endure the disappointments and difficulties of rising from the ranks. His Bianca e Gernando, in 1826, was well received at Naples's Teatro San Carlo, and one year later, at the age of twenty-six, the composer triumphed at Milan's La Scala with Il Pirata. Norma is not only the high point of Bellini's artistic parabola but also the quintessence of Italian belcanto.

This video was recorded at the Massimo Bellini theatre of Catania, native town of the great Sicilian composer, and features, in the title role, the famous Greek soprano Dimitra Theodossiou, one of today’s best interpreters of Norma.

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