PONCHIELLI, A.: Gioconda (La) (Arena di Verona, 2005)

PONCHIELLI, A.: Gioconda (La) (Arena di Verona, 2005)


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- (Disc 1)
La Gioconda

Venue: Arena di Verona
Playing Time: 01:49:46
Catalogue Number: 33500
UPC: 8007144335007


A rarely performed opera, Ponchielli's La Gioconda is one his famous and well-loved work. Although the first version suffered from Ponchielli's doubts and uncertainties: on the one hand the musician was convinced, for example, that the libretto was too long and complex,to the detriment of the music, and that many parts are not developed the way it should be. This reason, did not stop the composer as well as the opera to garner so much praise during its premiere at Milan's La Scala. In the end, after experiencing radical changes that lasted for twenty six years in the making, the changes contributed to consolidate its literally and musical substance, sanctioning the works's definitive and long lasting success.

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