PHILIDOR, F.-A.D.: Tom Jones (Opera de Lausanne, 2006)

PHILIDOR, F.-A.D.: Tom Jones (Opera de Lausanne, 2006)


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Tom Jones

Venue: Opera de Lausanne, Switzerland
Playing Time: 02:23:36
Catalogue Number: 33509
UPC: 8007144335090

Tom Jones is universally considered one of Philidor's best operas and one of the most perfect examples of a music genre that was quite popular in 18th-century France, the Opera-comique. The libretto is derived from Henry Fielding's The History of Tom Jones, a foundling, while the music, with its succession of dialogues, airs, ariettes, and ensembles is truly delightful, embodying the elegant and caustic spirit of the Age of Enlightenment.

On the podium of this Tom Jones, staged at Lausanne's Opera in the summer of 2005, is one of the greatest specialists of French 17th 18th- century music, Jean-Claude Malgoire, who thus continues his collaboration with Dynamic, which already counts several prestigious titles both on CD and video.

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