PUCCINI, G.: Boheme (La) (Puccini Festival, 2007)

PUCCINI, G.: Boheme (La) (Puccini Festival, 2007)


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- (Disc 1)
La Boheme

Festival: Puccini Festival
Venue: Gran Teatro all'Aperto, Torre del Lago Puccini
Playing Time: 01:57:39
Catalogue Number: 33564
UPC: 8007144335649



For Puccini, La Boheme was not just an eternal love story. The subject of his opera is time. The passing of time; the memory of time that will never live again. And we tell the music of the fourth act. In a succession of nostalgic variations that return to the themes of the first act. - Jean-Michel Folon (Torre del Lago, July 2003)

Part 1

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