LEO, L.: Alidoro (L') (Teatro Municipale, 2008)

LEO, L.: Alidoro (L') (Teatro Municipale, 2008)


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- (Disc 1)

Venue: Teatro Municipale, Piacenza
Playing Time: 02:44:50
Catalogue Number: 33588
UPC: 8007144335885

Leonardo Leo's L'Alidoro was first staged at Teatro del Florentini with Gennaro Antonio Federico as his librettist. The opera was destined to reap success all over Europe with its Neapolitan music comedy theme. Frederico drafted a comedy in which the characters speak different languages (Neapolitan or Tuscan) according to their social status and work on different levels: one comic, the other serious.

L'Alidoro (Golden Wings) is a lost-and-found story that fathoms the themes of love and jealousy from different perspectives - those of age and social status in the forefront - interweaving comedy with more serious reflections. Recently rediscovered in the Abbey of Montecassino along with three other Leonardo Leo operas, Alidoro was chosen by Antonio Florio for his Pieta de' Turchini, one of the best Italian Baroque orchestras of the last twenty years.

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