SCHOENBERG, A.: Heute Auf Morgen (Von) (La Fenice, 2008)

SCHOENBERG, A.: Heute Auf Morgen (Von) (La Fenice, 2008)


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- (Disc 1)
Von Heute Auf Morgen, Op. 32
Libretto/Text Author: Blonda, Max
Conductor: Inbal, Eliahu

Husband: Nigl, Georg

Set/Stage Designer: Schlossmann, Frank Philipp
Costume Designer: Davey, Gideon
Lighting Designer: Evin, Franck
Stage Director: Homoki, Andreas
Television Director: Mancini, Davide

Venue: Teatro La Fenice, Venice
Playing Time: 00:59:52
Catalogue Number: 33638
UPC: 8007144336387

One ought to feel, or sense, that behind these simple events something else is hidden; that these everyday characters and happenings are being used to show how above, and beyond this simple story of a marriage, the so-called modern, the merely modish exists only from today till tomorrow, from shaky hand to a greedy mouth - not only in marriage, but no less in art, in politics and in attitudes towards life.

Part 1

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