VERDI, G.: Simon Boccanegra [Opera] (Teatro Massimo, 2008)

VERDI, G.: Simon Boccanegra [Opera] (Teatro Massimo, 2008)


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- (Disc 1)
Simon Boccanegra
Libretto/Text Author: Boito, Arrigo
Libretto/Text Author: Piave, Francesco Maria

Gabriele Adorno: Fraccaro, Walter
Maria Boccanegra: Nizza, Amarilli
Paolo Albiani: Zanon, Silvio
Simon Boccanegra: Frontali, Roberto
Un'ancella di Amelia: Gugliuzza, Donatella

Set/Stage Designer: Fiorato, Guido
Costume Designer: Fiorato, Guido
Stage Director: Gallione, Giorgio
Television Director: Ricchetti, Matteo

Venue: Teatro Massimo, Palermo
Playing Time: 02:14:54
Catalogue Number: 33650


In 14th-century Genoa, where different political fractions are at war. Paolo Albiani has the valiant corsair Simone Boccanegra, a righteous and sage man, elected Doge.

The political conspiracies, in the opera's plot, are closely knit together with the tragic events in Simone's life: he has lost both the love of his life and their daughter, and must constantly defend himself from his enemies' attacks. The true protagonists of Verdi's opera, however, are not the social and political events: but rather a pervading sense of tragedy and melancholy, and the characters' intricate psychology.

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