MARTIN Y SOLER, V.: L'arbore di Diana (Liceu, 2009)

MARTIN Y SOLER, V.: L'arbore di Diana (Liceu, 2009)


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- (Disc 1)
L'arbore di Diana
Conductor: Bicket, Harry

Britomarte, Genio 1, Ninfa 1: Garmendia, Ainhoa
Clizia, Genio 2, Ninfa 2: Martins, Marisa
Cloe, Genio 3, Ninfa 3: Perez, Jossie

Set/Stage Designer: Ajdarpasic, Rifail
Set/Stage Designer: Unfried, Ariane Isabell
Costume Designer: Desire, Louis
Lighting Designer: Poet, Bruno
Television Director: Negrin, Francisco

Playing Time: 02:27:25
Catalogue Number: 33651
UPC: 8007144336516

Diana, the goddess of chastity, has a tree in her garden that bears large apples. When one of her nymphs as sinned against chastity, the apples turn black and punish her. Eros finds this rule intolerable, and ultimately succeeds in turning her garden into a palace of love.

A feast for the ears and for the eyes is what Martin i Solar and Da Ponte conceived for 222 years ago with this playful opera; no less is this staging by director Francisco Negri, fully absorbed in the sophisticated games of a work created only to give pleasure - Juan Carlos Olivares

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