MASSENET, J.: Don Quichotte (Sofia National Opera and Ballet, 2009)


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- (Disc 1)
Don Quichotte

Venue: Sofia National Opera, Bulgaria
Playing Time: 02:05:52
Catalogue Number: 33733
UPC: 8007144337339

Finished in 1910, Don Quichotte was a success when it premiered at the Opera Theatre in Monte Carlo, where sixty-seven year old Massenet had gone to seek relief from the rheumatism he suffered from. The subject from Cervantes's masterpiece, had been versified by the young and extravagant writer Jacques Le Lorrain. The story is quite different from that of Miguel de Cervantes's hero, appearing, rather, as a self-portrait of the poet himself: the knight becomes a model of virtue, of generosity, driven by lofty ideals; Dulcinee, from maid in an inn becomes a women of the world. His text was reworked by the librettist Henri Cain and submitted to Massenet, who, despite the difficult period he was going through, conceived a rich score, full of verve and maturity.

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