MUSSORGSKY, M.: Boris Godunov (Sofia National Opera, 2014)

MUSSORGSKY, M.: Boris Godunov (Sofia National Opera, 2014)


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Boris Godunov (original 1869 version)
Libretto/Text Author: Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich

Andrey Shchelkalov: Georgiev, Biser
Boris Godunov: Tsonev, Martin
First police officer: Nevenkin, Orlin
Grigoriy Otrepiev: Andreev, Kostadin
Kseniya's nurse: Petrova, Rumyana
Mityukha: Radev, Anton
Patriarch Job: Alexiev, Stoyan
Principe Vasiliy Ivanovich Shuysky: Drobishevsky, Sergei
Second police officer: Petrov, Nikolay
The Innkeeper: Sarambelieva, Tsveta
The Old Man: Stanchev, Dimiter

Set/Stage Designer: Kartloff, Plamen
Costume Designer: Mironska, Marta
Costume Designer: Vauda, Stanka
Lighting Designer: Hajdinjak, Andrei
Stage Director: Kartloff, Plamen
Television Director: Mushatov, Stefan

Venue: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia
Playing Time: 01:54:39
Catalogue Number: 37718
UPC: 8007144377182


Modest Mussorgsky Boris Godunov was performed in the open air and for the first time in front of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia. This spectacular production, also performed in front of the very same cathedral in the summer of 2014, 90 years after the building's consecration, was conceived by Plamen Kartaloff, the director of Sofia Opera and dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Boris Christoff and to the 85th anniversary of the birth of Nicolai Ghiaurov, both world-renowned for their interpretations of the role of Boris.

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