DONIZETTI, G.: Olivo e Pasquale [Opera] (Fondazione Donizetti, 2016)

DONIZETTI, G.: Olivo e Pasquale [Opera] (Fondazione Donizetti, 2016)


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- (Disc 1)
Olivo e Pasquale

Venue: Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo
Playing Time: 02:31:01
Catalogue Number: 37758
UPC: 8007144377588

This sparkling opera buffa is a premiere from the 2016 Donizetti Festival of Bergamo, with the part of Pasquale in Neapolitan dialect. It is the story of two rich merchant brothers from Lisbon, who are used to weighing everything against their bargaining power. Also the marriage of Pasquale's niece Isabella is a bargain to them: she must marry another merchant, so as not to break the family's tradition. The gags among the various are hilarious - especially those between the two brothers, who have completely different characters - creating an almost surreal atmosphere. The show is very colourful, thanks to the rich sets and costumes.

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