STRAUSS, R.: At the End of the Rainbow (Documentary, 2014)

STRAUSS, R.: At the End of the Rainbow (Documentary, 2014)


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- (Disc 1)

Strauss, Richard - Composer
Richard Strauss - At the End of the Rainbow
Schulz, Erich - Television Director

Playing Time: 01:37:21
Catalogue Number: 729908
UPC: 814337012991

Eric Schulz reveals in his latest music film a new perspective on the personality and oeuvre of Richard Strauss, who saw himself as the last great composer at the end of an era, "at the end of the rainbow". This carefully researched production presents spectacular hitherto unreleased pictures of Richard Strauss. Among others: a live recording of the premiere of the Olympic Anthem at the Berlin Olympic stadium in 1936. The very first performance of this piece ever to be heard, performed by the Berlin Philharmonic and a choir of 1000 singers conducted by Richard Strauss himself. These spectacular rare pictures are embedded in interviews with relatives, famous musicians and Strauss experts, such as Christian Strauss, Stefan Mickisch and Brigitte Fassbaender.

Part 1

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