STRAUSS II, J.: Fledermaus (Die) (Studio Production, 1972)

STRAUSS II, J.: Fledermaus (Die) (Studio Production, 1972)


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Die Fledermaus
Libretto/Text Author: Genee, Richard
Libretto/Text Author: Haffner, Carl
Conductor: Bohm, Karl

Dr. Blind: Kuchar, Erich
Dr. Falke: Holecek, Heinz
Prince Orlofsky: Windgassen, Wolfgang

Set/Stage Designer: Schlubach, Jan
Costume Designer: Bilach, Barbara
Television Director: Schenk, Otto

Playing Time: 02:17:08
Catalogue Number: A05004507



Full of fizz and subtle humor, Die Fledermaus (The Bat) has become a staple of New Year's Eve programming in many opera houses around the world. In this sparkling production, director Otto Schenk has freed it from the conventional bonds of the theater, broken it up into fully telegenic, whirling visual sequences, and heightened it with the tumultuous gaiety prescribed by Strauss. Act II, often a stiffly staged ball, has at last become one great hurly-burly, a huge festival, an orgy of swaying figures EUR" drunken or otherwise intoxicated. Foremost among them are the frenzied Eberhard Wachter as Eisenstein, the delicious Renate Holm as Adele and the noble Gundula Janowitz as the long-suffering Rosalinde, who does a magnificent gypsy dance. Competing for the title of show-stealer are fabled Bayreuth tenor Wolfgang Windgassen as Prince Orlofsky and actor-director Otto Schenk himself as Frosch. Karl Bohm leads the Vienna Philharmonic and the Chorus of the Vienna State Opera in this spirited recording.

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