STRAUSS, R.: Liebe der Danae (Die) (Deutsche Oper Berlin, 2011)

STRAUSS, R.: Liebe der Danae (Die) (Deutsche Oper Berlin, 2011)


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- (Disc 1)
Die Liebe der Danae, Op. 83, TrV 278

Venue: Deutsche Oper Berlin
Playing Time: 02:35:15
Catalogue Number: A05018442

The rarely performed opera Die Liebe der Danae is a feast for Strauss lovers, with arias, ensembles and orchestral interludes blazing with sumptuous colors and rich textures. Written under war clouds and completed in 1940, it is the swan song of an aged composer who is taking leave from the world on the eve of the catastrophe that will engulf it. This timeless production from the Deutsche Oper Berlin can be seen as the mirror of a changing world order, with a wonderfully suggestive symbol dominating the stage during all three acts: a grand piano suspended upside-down from the rafters.

Part 1

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