JONES, Bill T.: Solos

JONES, Bill T.: Solos


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- (Disc 1)
Choreographer: Jones, Bill T.

Television Director: Kent, Don


Tea for Two
Libretto/Text Author: Caesar, Irving
Choreographer: Jones, Bill T.

Venue: Centre National de la Danse, Pantin
Playing Time: 00:52:08
Catalogue Number: BAC039
UPC: 3760115300392

A major figure on the contemporary choreography scene, Bil T. Jones is also a remarkable dance and a performer with an electrifying stage presence. Here, alone in a studio and filmed from a totally cinematic point of view, he speaks to us of violence, gentleness and emotion in three short pieces: Ionization, to music by Edgar Varese; Chaconne, from Bach's Partita for Solo Violin in D minor; and Tea for Two, the famous classic song.

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Part 2

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