ASAFIEV, B.: Plamya Parizha (Bolshoi Ballet, 2011)

ASAFIEV, B.: Plamya Parizha (Bolshoi Ballet, 2011)


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- (Disc 1)
Plamya Parizha (The Fire of Paris)
Libretto/Text Author: Belinsky, Alexander
Libretto/Text Author: Dmitriev, Vladimir
Libretto/Text Author: Ratmansky, Alexei
Libretto/Text Author: Volkov, Nikolay
Ballet Company: Bolshoi Ballet
Choreographer: Ratmansky, Alexei
Original Choreographer: Vainonen, Vasili

Antoine Mistral: Skvortsov, Ruslan
Mireille de Poitiers: Antonicheva, Anna
The Marquis Costa de Beauregard: Klevtsov, Yuri

Corps de Ballet: Bolshoi Ballet
Conductor: Sorokin, Pavel
Television Director: Bataillon, Vincent
Lighting Designer: Ismagilov, Damir
Set/Stage Designer: Monakhov, Evgeny
Set/Stage Designer: Utkin, Ilya
Costume Designer: Markovskaya, Elena

Date of Concert: 03-2010
Venue: Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
Playing Time: 02:03:28
Catalogue Number: BAC062
UPC: 3760115300620

Produced in the 1930s, The Flames of Paris, with music by Boris Asafiev, was presented on the eve of the anniversary of the October Revolution, and later continued to be included in the ranks of works which were always brought out for an airing on anniversaries of this sort. This is hardly surprising, The Flames of Paris is about the conflagration of the great French Revolution. It had a new 'hero' type which, up to then, had not been encountered in ballet EUR" one of its main characters was the populace, revolutionary in mood and ready for action.

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