SPOERLI, H.: Magnificat (Zurich Ballet, 2012)

SPOERLI, H.: Magnificat (Zurich Ballet, 2012)


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Venue: Opernhaus Zurich
Playing Time: 01:13:03
Catalogue Number: BAC089
UPC: 3760115300897

The starting point and destination of Heinz Spoerli's new ballet is the Magnificat by Johann Sebastian Bach.

From the beginning of the Allemande' movement of the Partita in A minor for solo flute, through the joy of Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, this is the question of faith, which sparked Heinz Spoerli's interest in this piece.

Heinz Spoerli intensifies the emotions here, by inserting two moving arias from the cantatas Wo soll ich fliehen hin and Ich habe genug.

This is an important aspect for Heinz Spoerli in his discourse with the text of the Magnificat, in which his deep respect for all religions, or rather every faith, is not about the worship of a certain creator-figure, but more about the conditions and prerequisites of this for the expression of a profound devoutness, which also involves rejection, exclusion, uncertainty and separation.

Performed by Orchestra La Scintilla and conducted by Marc Minkowski in February 2012. In 1996 the group was founded as an independent ensemble by specialist musicians of the Zurich Opera Orchestra and soon obtained an excellent reputation. The spark that ignited the enthusiasm for new 'old music' gave its name to the ensemble: La Scintilla - The Spark. Performances with eminent authorities in the field such as Nikolaus Harnoncourt, William Christie, Mark Minkowski, Reinhard Goebel and Giuliano Carmignola were so successful that the Opera House Zurich has this ensemble perform all baroque operas and nearly all operas of the classical period.

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