BONO: God's Favourite Son



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Bono: God's Favourite Son
Block, Robin - Television Director

Year of Production: 2004
Playing Time: 01:01:51
Catalogue Number: CVIS376DVD
UPC: 823564505190

As lead singer with one of the world's biggest rock bands, Bono has exemplified the roles of consummate performer and extraordinary songwriter. As the most influential and proactive artist to link pop and politics he has achieved the unthinkable, regularly holding court with world leaders and, stranger still, being taken seriously by them. Now, for the first time, this documentary traces the extraordinary life of Bono, from his humble beginnings and the formation of U2 to his role as philantrophist and spokesperson for educating and improving the lives of many.

Bono: God's Favourite Son tells the complete and unauthorised story of how one of the most extraordinary and benevolent figures in pop music has changed the face of modern music whilst maintaining his integrity and fighting to improve the lives of others.

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