SPUCK, C.: Poppea // Poppea (Gauthier Dance, 2013)

SPUCK, C.: Poppea // Poppea (Gauthier Dance, 2013)


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- (Disc 1)
Poppea // Poppea
Composer: Power, Cat
Ballet Company: Gauthier Dance
Choreographer: Spuck, Christian

Corps de Ballet: Gauthier Dance
Television Director: Vialkowitsch, Nikolai
Lighting Designer: Traub, Reinhard
Set/Stage Designer: Ryott, Emma
Costume Designer: Ryott, Emma

Venue: Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Playing Time: 01:17:31
Catalogue Number: EuroArts5974
UPC: 880242597489

For this production, Christian Spuck was inspired by Claudio Monteverdi's last opera, L'incoronazione di Poppea. The story of the manager of the Emperor Nero and Poppea Sabina still brings a chill to audiences today, portraying as it does the cruel lust for power and passion at the court of the Roman ruler. In the end, all succumb to the elemental force of a totally amoral idea of love, and the boundaries between reality and fiction become blurred. What began as a game becomes deadly serious when the explosive mix of emotions reveals its fateful consequences.

Christian Spuck has created a compelling piece of experimental choreography from this remarkable opera plot, producing a ballet which incorporates film and spoken elements.

Part 1

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