ANDRIESEN, L: Not Mozart, "M is for Man, Music, Mozart" (Classical Concert)


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Not Mozart, "M is for Man, Music, Mozart" (Classical Concert)

Playing Time: 00:29:27
Television Director: Greenaway, Peter
Catalogue Number: GLW07548482

This highly original celebration of the work of Mozart (1756-91) gives rein to the inventiveness of six distinguished contemporary composers, who were each invited to collaborate with a top film-maker of their choice to produce a tribute to the maestro. These partnerships let their imaginations run riot and have produced a collection of programs which range from the hilarious, through the frankly baffling, to the deeply moving.

Eminent Dutch composer Louis Andriessen and Peter Greenaway have produced a conceit on the letter M, set in a grisly sixteenth-century anatomy theatre. It features dancer Ben Craft and jazz singer Astrid Seriese, with jazz/funk music played by the Dutch marching band De Volharding.

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