CHINA: Performing Arts of China - Instruments and Music (Documentary)


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Catalogue Number: LYRDV1007
UPC: 744457100790

Chinese Instruments and Music explores the ancient, delicate integration of music and art with other aspects of Chinese daily life. The history of China is interwoven with the development of music. As far back as the Chou dynasty (1122 to 256 B.C.) there was an Imperial Minister of Music. This film begins with Chinese of all ages at the Great Wall practicing Tai Chi at sunrise. As daylight grows we see people in a park at Hangchow communing with nature as they study birds in cages.

Almost as old as the Great Wall is the Gu-Qin, a box zither which we see being played by an elderly master. The video then takes us to musical instrument factories: master musicians play examples of instrumental music, some on steel wires, some on silk strings, and some on reed instruments. The traditional techniques of silk and wire manufacture are examined. The film ends with lyrical nature scenes to the accompaniment of Two Springs Reflect the Moon, a tranquil composition for stringed instruments.

These films include some fascinating general footage, always with traditional music as background, as well as some valuable and sometimes extended scenes of genuine ceremonies and events.

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