CHINA: Echoes from Tibet (Documentary, 1980)


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Catalogue Number: LYRDV1008
UPC: 0744457100899

Panoramic views of the high snow ranges provide the backdrop for the austere and rugged village of life of Tibetans and Ladakhis, high in the western Himalayas. Echoes from Tibet examines their shared social habits, Buddhist religion and customs. Tibetan script Harvesting and threshing; work songs; the vigorous yok dance - all these are explored in the first half of the film.

Next, we are taken to a Tibetan refugee settlement for a look at daily life and work. Men and women work at typical handicrafts while singling work songs, Tibetan women make carpet trimmings with accompanying songs. They collect their children from a day nursery, going home and working at their spinning wheels.

A huge incense burner with rising smoke welcomes a visit from his holines, the Dalai Lama to the Tibetan Children's Village at the Dharamsala to the Western foothills of the Himalayas. The film ends with an extract from a ritual dance-drama staged for the occasion of the Dalai Lama's visit, followed by a dance of the Black Hal Sect. A wonderful and intimate look at there fascinating people.

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