MUSIC OF WEST AFRICA - Mandinka and their Neighbors (The) (Documentary)


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Playing Time: 00:35:06
Catalogue Number: LYRDV2005
UPC: 744457200520

This is a collection of films made with a Super 8 movie camera. The Gambian scenes were made in 1970 with a silent camera, the sound recorded on a Nagra III tape recorder. The scenes from Guinea and Mali (nos. 5 and 6), were made with a sound-sync Super 8 camera. Digital technology, expertly implemented by Elio Trabal, Oberlin College class of 2004, has enabled the release of these glimpses of late twentieth-century musical activities. There are ten scenes, two contributed by renowned Gambian expert David Gamble.

Each scene focuses on a specific event or musical group. Five are devoted to regional sub-groups of the broad Mande culture. The Mandinka of the Gambia, the Karanko of Guinea, and the Serahuli of Mali. The other five scenes feature the Fula, Balanta, and Jola people. Also included are glimpses of the Super Eagles, a popular Gambian band, and the first Gambian president, Sir Dawda Jawara, speaking at a political rally.

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