CHINA Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan: Bamboo Dream (2002)


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- (Disc 1)

Part, Arvo - Composer
Bamboo Dream

Playing Time: 01:03:05
Catalogue Number: MID13244992

The evergreen Chinese bamboo survives even the bitterest of winters. Symbolizing integrity and epitomizing elegance, it plays a part in many ancient tales. Lin Hwai-min's inspired choreography does not narrate a single bamboo story but draws on many to create an abstract and lyrical piece of dance theatre. Performed by Cloudgate Dance Theatre of Taiwan to melodies improvised by Chinese flute player Huang Sheng-kai and music by Arvo Part, the cycle of the seasons unfolds in a series of sections featuring solos, duets, trios and stunning examples of the ensemble-work in which the company excels.

Part 1


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