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- (Disc 1)

Narrator: Rein, Verena

Year of Production: 2010
Playing Time: 02:16:30
Catalogue Number: MIKU001
UPC: 4260236010013

The Liberation of Sound was produced to invite and encourage vocalists at all levels to discover new ways of working with rather than against their body, which is, after all, the instrument of a singer - an instrument that needs to be treated with care. It includes a series of practical exercises to effectively demonstrate the various possibilities the tongue rotation technique offers to vocalists.

In addition to the tutorial, this video includes clips from the performance training course the author specifically developed for vocalists, showing that this new-found freedom is not only limited to the voice. It also includes aspects of body expression as well, and this video demonstrates how vocalists can complement the voice with body language when performing on stage. Ideally, the result is a well-toned, relaxed singer with an authentic, individual vocal sound and a strongly identifiable style of expression. This is a path well worth following.

Part 1

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