PERLMAN, Itzhak: I know I played every note


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I know I played every note
Nupen, Christopher - Television Director

Playing Time: 00:58:51
Catalogue Number: NUPEN017

This video is an intimate account of the formative years in the life and career of one of the leading violinists of our time.

Itzhak Perlman fell in love with the sounds of the violin at the age of 3 1/2, but he contracted polio a few months later and was soon to learn that it would be impossible, with his handicap, for him to pursue a high-level career as a violinist.

Not only has he succeeded in doing what the world thought quite impossible, but he has done it on a level that few have matched. It is a heartening story of the spectacular triumph of talent, determination, character and tenacity over seemingly insurmountable odds, producing truly glorious results along the way.

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