GLASS, P.: Modern Love Waltz (Horvath) (from Grand Piano GP692)



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- (Disc 1)

Glass, Philip - Composer
Modern Love Waltz

Playing Time: 00:02:32
Catalogue Number: NVF0045

Composed in 1977 for a radio reading of Constance DeJong's novel Modern Love and then used for The Waltz Project (a dance performance of the same novel), Modern Love Waltz is - like The Cafe from Orphee on GlassWorlds, Vol. 1 - another example of Glass' desire to expand the limits of minimalism. Combining the Viennese tradition of the waltz with his own style (as was so often done in the nineteenth century) the bass ostinato and the intoxicating improvisation in the upper voice generate a breathtaking expression of pure energy.

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