MONTEVERDI, C.: Orfeo (L') (DNO, 1997)

MONTEVERDI, C.: Orfeo (L') (DNO, 1997)


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- (Disc 1)
Libretto/Text Author: Striggio, Alessandro
Libretto Source: Ovid,
Libretto Source: Virgil
Ensemble: Tragicomedia

La Messagiera: Balleys, Brigitte
La Musica: Cordier, David
La Speranza: Chance, Michael
Pastore II: Smythe, Russell
Pastore III: Nasrawi, Douglas
Pastore IV: Robinson, Dean
Proserpina: Fink, Bernarda

Set/Stage Designer: Simon, Michael
Costume Designer: Jorge, Jara
Lighting Designer: Kalman, Jean
Stage Director: Audi, Pierre
DVD Producer: Damme, Ferenc van
Television Director: Hulscher, Hans

Date of Production: 07-1997
Venue: Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam
Playing Time: 02:20:00
Catalogue Number: OA0929D
UPC: 809478009290



Intense and refined performances by an inspired cast, led by a profound and commanding John Mark Ainsley as the legendary tragic musician, are sustained with fluent ease and obvious affection by the ensemble under Stephen Stubbs. The beautifully styled, evocative stage production, rich with Pierre Audi's trademark symbolism, accentuates the solemn serenity of Monteverdi's most famous work to create a moving and timeless experience.

Bonus features:

- Illustrated synopsis

- Introduction to the opera featuring interviews with Pierre Audi, Stephen Stubbs and members of the cast

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