BARBER, S.: Vanessa [Opera] (Glyndebourne, 2018)

BARBER, S.: Vanessa [Opera] (Glyndebourne, 2018)


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- (Disc 1)
Vanessa, Op. 32

Date of Production: June 2019
Venue: Glyndebourne Opera House
Playing Time: 02:21:19
Catalogue Number: OA1289D
UPC: 809478012894

This work won Samuel Barber his first Pulitzer Prize for music: the Glyndebourne Festival presents Vanessa, a masterpiece premiered in 1958 based on a libretto by the composer's close friend, Bian Carlo Menotti.

Set to one of the most beautiful scores of the 20th Century, Vanessa tells the haunting story of a woman who, once abandoned by her lover Anatol, retreats from the world to await his return, living in isolation with her mother and niece. Two decades later, a man arrives who shatters the delicate balance of their home. Olivier Award-winning stage director Keith Warner is joined by a brilliant cast and the London Philharmonic under Kevin Lin for this musical and dramatic masterpiece of Hitchcockian psychological twists!

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