MASTERCLASS WITH HARIOLF SCHLICHTIG - SCHUMANN, R.: Marchenbilder, Op. 113: I. Nicht schnell (version for viola and piano)


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- (Disc 1)

Lecturer/Viola: Schlichtig, Hariolf

Year of Production: Feb. 2018
Playing Time: 00:35:30
Catalogue Number: RSS15226_1

The character of the first movement is similar to a fairy tale, and the professor compares it with Schumann's Dichterliebe cycle. All the musical aspects have to correspond with that character, and that is why a concrete atmosphere is required. On Schumann's original score, it is indicated just one bow for two bars.

The corrections also focus on the right arm movements and the way to play at the beginning - like in backstage (behind the scenes), as the piece comes from nowhere (playing in sotto voce) and grows little by little.

The player has to handle the bow without articulating, like a continuum, and to pay attention to the sound at the end of the upbows - keeping the quality of sound and finishing the whole bow.

The last pizzicato has to be prepared. The professor develops the idea of axis-movement: every movement - both in general and during the performance- turns around an axis. Following this concept, the viola has to stay still in the middle, in a balance.

Part 1

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