MASTERCLASS WITH FRANS HELMERSON - CASSADO, G.: Suite for Cello Solo: II. Sardana - Danza


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- (Disc 1)

Cassado, Gaspar - Composer
Suite for Cello Solo

Lecturer/Cello: Helmerson, Frans

Year of Production: Dec. 2010
Playing Time: 00:12:48
Catalogue Number: RSS7685_2

Firstly, Frans Helmerson mentions the difficulty of this movement. Rhythm is the most important aspect. Prof. Helmerson recommends also to use the thumb in certain moments.

About the passage with big intervals, Helmerson suggests to be more "dry" in the technique, keeping the hand closer to the fingerboard (not jumping too much). Besides, the professor makes some indications about sound quality and maintenance.

Regarding the end of the movement, Helmerson recommends to play using more contact with the bow (folk music) and not too quickly, keeping the last chords as long as possible. The student must show confidence.
To conclude, they return to the beginning of the Sardana: here tempo is not yet clearly defined, it is freer. He makes also an indication about bowings.

Part 1

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