MASTERCLASS WITH PAUL MEYER - STRAVINSKY, I.: 3 Pieces for Solo Clarinet: No. 2. eighth note = 168


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- (Disc 1)

Stravinsky, Igor - Composer
3 Pieces for Solo Clarinet

Clarinet: Vasek, Petr
Lecturer/Clarinet: Meyer, Paul

Year of Production: July 2006
Playing Time: 00:15:15
Catalogue Number: RSS8474_2

In this masterclass, Paul Meyer corrects the rhythm at the beginning of the piece. Then he corrects the tuning for a specific high note: he proposes another fingering and he suggests not to press so much and play more relaxed to improve this.

Meyer continues with other indications about the better quality and type of sound for this piece. Regarding the breathing, the professor comments that the student takes too much air and Meyer recommends him not to breath in certain moments. They work on this, and also on getting a more suitable sound and on a proper use of the air in the body.

Part 1

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