MASTERCLASS WITH JAIME MARTIN - BARTOK, B.: 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs: I - IV. Four Old Tunes


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- (Disc 1)

Bartok, Bela - Composer
15 Hungarian Peasant Songs, BB 79 (arr. P. Arma for flute and piano)

Lecturer/Flute: Martin, Jaime

Year of Production: July 2006
Playing Time: 00:30:17
Catalogue Number: RSS8518_1

I. Rubato: First, Jaime Martin gives some indications about phrasing and articulation (more like "speaking"), syncopation, direction and character. Then they work on the rapport in the ornamental parts, tempo, dynamics, vibrato, and tension.

II. Andante: The Professor suggests that the student should look for a different color in the 'Poco sostenuto' after the 'Andante' introduction: like a violin in the G-string, not too much open, painful. Then he advises the student where is it better to breathe to keep the tension and phrasing.

III. Poco rubato: Professor Martin recommends starting the third movement above the piano resonance of the previous movement, so that the tempo is more suitable, and he plays this beginning to show it to the student.

IV. Andante: Professor Martin shows how to play this piece and then he advises the student about expressiveness and attitude in the performance: it is better to exaggerate than to fall short. Afterwards they work on dynamics, rapport with the piano and character.

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