MASTERCLASS WITH JAIME MARTIN - BARTOK, B.: 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs: V. Scherzo


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- (Disc 1)

Bartok, Bela - Composer
15 Hungarian Peasant Songs, BB 79 (arr. P. Arma for flute and piano)

Lecturer/Flute: Martin, Jaime

Year of Production: July 2006
Playing Time: 00:06:21
Catalogue Number: RSS8518_2

This Scherzo is like a bridge between the sad songs and the happy ones. It has a lot of humor, and so Professor Martin advises to be flexible with the tempo in this performance and play it in the Hungarian "Czardas" style. The first three measures are like an introduction and so that they should not be played "a tempo". Afterwards, there are some corrections about dynamics, rhythm, and phrasing at the end of the piece.

Part 1

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