BOWIE, David: Plastic Soul Review (The)



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David Bowie: The Plastic Soul Review
Davis, Christian - Television Director

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There were three distinct periods in the career of David Bowie during the 1970s. The first, of course, consisted of his glam years, defined best by the startling Ziggy Stardust album. At the other end of the decade came the Berlin trilogy - three dark, industrial, yet ambient and often joyous records. But sandwiched between these is what has come to be known - via the man's own comments - as the Plastic Soul Era, an era just as creative, magnificent and popular as any other during Bowie's life so far, yet one rarely considered as a standalone and separate entity within his complete body of work.

All that changes with David Bowie - The Plastic Soul Review, as the albums David Live, Young Americans and Station to Station, and the performances that accompanied them, are here reexamined and newly appraised more than 30 years after they first appeared.

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